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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Mac

Microsoft Word is a office utility that helps you structure out your ideas and enhance your business processes through its rich set of functions that are sure to make your life easier. It is an efficient way to create anything you think of. The powerful desktop publishing tools let you create documents, newsletters, brochures and other useful material easily and quickly. You can then save, share or edit these creations using this application. One can include shapes, charts, pictures, text and tables in any document. Create professional documents or creative ones as per your requirement using the variety of tools it features.

The all new visual styles incorporated in the application enable you give a great look to your documents. Formatting options available for enhancing your document content make your tasks interesting than ever before. While you are creating or reading a document, the Focus View component gives you the maximum space for it so that you can concentrate on your task. This is done by blocking other windows and menus on the screen. Reorder Objects lets you arrange pictures and text in your documents easily without the need to click and drag them. Using the integration with Windows Live, it enables you to save, edit and share the documents over the cloud from anywhere.

The all new Ribbon interface offers you tool sets based on the type of document you work with. It also lets you view the documents in full screen mode helping you focus on the document rather than toolbars all over. The support for SharePoint allows the Mac users share documents remotely. Another important feature is the facility of simultaneous collaboration of documents from different places. It is possible to edit the same document from multiple locations at the same time. The collaborators are also informed of the updates and other collaborators in real time. An inevitable office utility for anybody!

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    what about the product Key?

  • Oi preciso do programa agora

  • Masha Kanarchuk

    Is there spelling and grammar chek of other languages, like Ukrainian and russsian ?

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