GTA : San Andreas


  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Mac

Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas is a 3D action game from the GTA series featured with the world of violence. In this game, you play the role of Carl Johnson who has returned home after five years. Everything around has changed a lot and you have to work for getting the reputation of your gang back. It is a classic game that features various missions, impressive game play and mini games in an attractive sandbox world. It has three cities and a lot of countryside making an ambitious game play for you. The mission is very adventurous and you can do a lot more besides it.

The story line of the game is very realistic and the real like creatures make it more interesting. Though it is full of action, the game also has an adventurous world to explore if you wish to. Like Vice City, you have your own gang here and you have complete control over it. You can expand your business and empire in the state along with proceeding towards other missions. Many side missions are included that you enjoy fulfilling them along with the main storyline. You have the ability to choose characters and also choose custom hair style for your character.

You have bicycles of various types and you unlock special vehicles on progressing the game. Area specific vehicles are also featured and you have many modes of transportation for better experience. A very huge mountain that takes you about a minute to ascend is newly introduced. You can have fun riding down the mountain with a helicopter. You are given variety of guns and swords and chainsaws to use for your mission. Enjoy them and have some fun time with all the action it offers you. The most popular game among action lovers!

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