• License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Mac

Freenet is for those who want to access the Darkweb, the secret web lying under Google’s radar and needs special software like this to have access. Darkweb is commonly used by people desiring to protect their identity by surfing anonymously and those suffering from political repression on the internet. It provides utmost anonymity and hence also used for criminal activities and contains illegal content too. However, if you wish to access it, you need this app. It is a Java based tool that works to connect you to other users online. It sees that internet content and traffic is shared and bounced among different users hence making it impossible to trace what is being accessed by whom.

The application installs its client right in your menu bar and you can activate or deactivate the program any time using it. On set up, it offers a variety of settings for security ranging from Low to Maximum based on your need to have it. The Maximum setting is the most secure and prevents a single trace of internet content even in your cache. The program functionality as well its look and design are very simple. The pages are simple links that download to the system and are accessible to you.

Now you can access the internet content anonymously without any monitoring or censorship. Great for those Mac users who face repressive regimes. Give it a try today for free!

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