• License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Mac

EndNote is an innovative tool designed to help anybody undertaking some sort of research work. It can help researchers, students, writers and librarians by making it simple to search online materials, databases, images, PDFs, etc. It also helps you with organization of their material in different languages and creation of bibliographies, compilation of references and listing figures. By using this application, you can save hours of time you would spend typing bibliographies and organizing references by using index cards. It is a helpful tool that combines all the tasks associated with research work into one to make it easy for you.

Whether you have an assignment to complete or a thesis of your project, EndNote is here to help! It adopts the format accepted by most educational institutions for creating bibliography. However, you can change the format according to your requirements. It works by allowing you to enter the words to search content on the internet. It scans the internet for the entered text and then compiles the bibliography on the basis of the results. One of the attractive and useful features is the ‘Cite while you write’ that is available for providing you citations from texts and books while you write. Your research process would now be smoother with the tools this program offers for organizing, searching and sharing the content.

The program works in three basic steps : Firstly, it lets you COLLECT the content by searching online databases and importing the PDFs you have with you. Just one click would find the full texts for you and fill the missing information using available resources. Secondly, it allows you collaborate the work by sharing references and groups. It provides you word files to hand off to others. Finally, it lets you CREATE your project by using the Cite While You Write for formatting the references and creating formatted footnotes and citations using the excellent formatting tools it features. A very useful tool for anybody working on a research or assignment project on his/her Mac.

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